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Good Day

My name is Mr.Steven Wyer, A banker by Profession and Currently the Director of Finance, Auditing and Accounting Unit in my Bank, which i will reveal to you later for security reasons.

I got your name and address in my search for a reputable and reliable person to help me claim the sum of USD$15.6 MILLION UNITED STATES DOLLARS, Deposited in our bank by one of our customer who died with his wife and two children on the 21st day of April 2001 in car clash along Tema express road.

Since his death no one has come up as his next of kin and all our efforts to locate any member of his immediate family was to no avail that is why I decided to see if I can get anybody who has the same surname or last name with him via Internet preferably some one of the same nationality with him which I believe you have all the qualities we need.

Why i am contacting you is to present you to our bank as the next of Kin to the deceased customer. Also because you have the same surname/last name with him. So it will be more acceptable and wiser to present you through paper work to the Bank for claim of the total fund.

I will give you all the necessary requirements that the bank may request from you and follow up the transfer of the fund into your account as an Insider. It will interest you to know that I and my partners has been keeping the account dormant to enable our plans for the funds to come through and this is the time and we are happy to locate you for the perfection of the transfer of the Fund into your nominated Bank Account.

As soon as I get your positive response. I will update you about the mode of disbursement and we will also need to know about investing in your Country as a way of helping your people who are the original owners of this Fund

Looking forward to your urgent response by updating me with your direct Telephone and Fax number for easy communication.

Best Regards


Dear Steven Wyer,

Kau ni penyamun tarbus internet…bukan siapa-siapa pun.



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